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Replacement of commercial roll-up door spring

by Adam

Roll-up doors are very common to use in this era; most showrooms, workshops, and industries use these doors. These curtain doors need repair and maintenance from time to time to work in one piece. Due to daily use, the spring may become loose or crooked sometime after installation. So, commercial roll up door spring replacement is necessary for the normal functioning of the doors. Usually, two springs are present in a roll-up door; the functioning of both springs is essential. If one of the springs gets out of order, it may affect the balance of the roll-up door while opening and closing. A professional mechanic can help you sort out this problem, as he knows the proper use of tools.

Checking the spring for replacement

How do you know that your roll-up door springs need a repair? Springs used in the roll-up door curtains have a definite life expectancy. Typically, good quality springs may go on smoothly until 10,000 cycles, but we don’t pay heed to this matter. We may exceed the cycles by daily use and may reach 25,000 cycles. (one cycle is completed by the opening and closing of the door). This may disrupt the equilibrium position of the door and may cause a hindrance in opening and closing. After that many cycles, springs need a replacement; it is better to replace both springs as they may be old enough.

How are springs replaced in roll-up doors?

It is necessary to appoint qualified personnel to avoid any damage. The personnel then loosens all the screws in the tensioner at the end of both sides of the door. The old springs are disposed of, and new ones with better tension are installed. Sometimes, springs are only adjusted so that their tension may increase, and this keeps them from replacing the old springs.

When you replace the springs, you can use the torsion springs instead. These springs are not like extension springs, but store mechanical energy for opening and closing roll-up doors. Torsion springs have a better life expectancy and may last for longer cycles. However, these torsion springs are costly as compared to the general extension springs.

Is spring replacement expensive?

Spring repair isn’t an expensive task, so it is advised to keep an eye on the functioning of roll-up doors. While most people do not pay attention to the maintenance of these roll-up doors. So, they may incur more money over the replacement of the springs. There are different quality springs available in the market. The minimum cost may be 50-100 dollars, while better quality springs may cost even higher. In contrast, torsion springs are the most expensive and most durable.


Springs for roll-up doors are available in general stores and online. It would be better if you do not replace the springs yourself as it may cause an injury. Furthermore, you should check the features of the springs before buying. Springs should be oil tempered, corrosion resistant, and should have high tensile strength. Bestar provides fine-quality springs with a longer life expectancy and guarantee.

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