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What Are Area Lights?

by Adam

Lighting is believed to be a versatile product. It can change the perspective of anything that you see. Lights are used for multi-purpose. They can make a simple place look so warm, peaceful, romantic, and much more.

In the lighting world, every light has its importance and purpose. One type of light you may be familiar with is area light. This type of light can be seen on every street, in parking lots, parks, or even in the garden with larger spaces. All you have to do is choose the best area light according to your needs.

What Are Area Lights?

As the name suggests, area lights are designed to light up a larger area than traditional point-source lights. They are typically used in outdoor applications where a wide beam of light is needed, such as in parking lots, hospitals, residential neighborhoods, and arenas. Area lights come in various shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they emit a wide beam of light that can cover a large area.

5 Types Of  Light Distribution Patterns

Type 1 Light pattern

The first kind of light distribution offers a broad, consistent light for the fixtures that are placed in the center of the passage or walkway. The fixture’s height is almost equivalent to the diameter that created the pattern. Type 1 fixtures are ideal for border lighting, narrow walkways, and, last but not least, sidewalks.

Type 2 Light pattern

Type 2 electroliers are a little bit different as they have a bit broader distribution as compared to type I and are planned for installation, at which point the electrolier is set down on the side of a wide path. These fixtures are capable of lighting up a space to one and a half times broader, as compared to the actual length of the electrolier. Type II is good for side streets, alleys, and entrance roadways.

Type 3 Light pattern

The 3 type of spreading light is around 2.5x more vast than the rising length of the electrolier. To make the area look more bright and clearer, the electrolier should be placed on the side, not in the mid. In this way, the gleam or brightness can discharge outwards. Type III is better for highways, sports fields, driveways, and garages.

Type 4 Light pattern

This type will generate a more rounded shape that will push the light outwards, and in this case, very little light will be dropping behind the fixture. Type IV fixture work on building exteriors. These light fixtures will emit light 2.75 times broader than their height.

Type 5 Light pattern

Type v light fixtures are ideal for larger and wider spaces. This type of fixture is called omnidirectional. These fixtures help distribute the light around the sides of the fixtures, mostly in a circular and square pattern, for example, in commercial parking areas and intersections.


Area lights are a light source that illuminates a larger area than traditional point-source lights. They are often used in outdoor lighting and can be found in various settings, from parking lots to shopping centers. There are five types of area lights—and each with unique benefits and uses. An area light may be the perfect solution if you need ample beam lighting for an outdoor application.

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